Email Security Threats, Alerts, News and Trends

Suspicious Emails Alert! The threat landscape is always changing which is why we keep our eye on new products that can simplify email security, and streamline the way you and your team work. SMX will keep you up-to-date on suspicious email security threats, alerts, news and trends on this page, so that you know what to look out for.

Please be vigilant in protecting your computer, do not click on any link or download any attachment from someone you don't know. If you receive any suspicious emails, please report these to us.

Below are some Government sites that you may wish to visit that will give you more information on current cyber security trends:

CERTNZ 2019 Quarterly Report Q1

The first quarterly report is out. To read the full report, click here.


CERTNZ 2018 Safety Report

Phishing and credential harvesting top the issues raised to CERTNZ in 2018.
To read the full report, click here.


Last updated 28/06/2019 17.23 pm

There are a number of variants of voicemail phishing messages going around. Please do not click on the link and send the samples through to SMX and delete the email.

Phishing - Salary Increment

Last updated 26/06/2019 10:29 am

This phishing email made the rounds today and our filters are now recognising it as spam.


Last updated 24/06/2019 4:58 pm

We are seeing a number of spam emails with the with the subject CLOSURE OF EMAIL that have been circulating recently advising the recipient that their email will be closed and advising them to click on a link to continue using their email. Please do not click on any links and delete the email.

Male pills emails 

Last updated 24/06/2019 11:42 am

Over the past week we have seen a number of new variants of spam emails which have been advertising male potency pills. The spammers have designed these carefully to evade the SMX filters which is why you may have seen some of these getting through, some of the emails that we have seen have the following subjects:

  • Erecttile Dysfucntion Pills
  • Erecitle Dy$funct|on Pills
  • Erectlie Dysfuncti0n Pills
Please do not click on any links in these emails. The majority of these emails are now being blocked but if you do see any further variants please report the email to SMX Service Desk.
We are monitoring this situation and are working proactively to block any emails that come through.

Microsoft Audio calls spam emails

Last updated 04/07/2019 4:30pm

We are seeing a number of emails that are circulating that are impersonating Microsoft Audio calls, asking you to listen to a fake voicemail message, this is not genuine, please do not click on any links and delete the email.

Phishing - Microsoft Upgrade

Last updated 17/07/2019 7:00pm

We have recently seen a number emails like below advising recipients that they should upgrade their account to continue recieving emails. This a phishing email and has not come from Microsoft, please do not click on any links and delete the email. 


Fake change of bank account details

Last updated 06/08/2019 1:27pm

Hi we are seeing a number of emails like this below pretending to be coming from the CFO to the payoll member of staff requesting a change of bank account details. Please speak to the requestor in person or via phone before making any bank account changes.

To report suspected spam emails to SMX, click here.