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OnDOMAIN enables you to quickly shut down phishing sites, discover and secure legitimate domains that have been forgotten about, and defend brand against abuse and reputational damage.

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Does your organisation need OnDOMAIN?

OnDOMAIN + SMX Managed Service: Identify and take down impersonation domains and get continued visibility and support.

Red Sift’s OnDOMAIN rapidly uncovers and takes down impersonation domains. However, it requires accurate configuration and ongoing monitoring to get the most value out of it.
That’s where we come in.

We wrap managed services around OnDOMAIN to ensure you have continued visibility of malicious look-a-like domains. We will also execute the take-down service on your behalf.

Our team of security experts have experience in implementing OnDOMAIN and will work with you to understand your business, specific use cases and areas of risk. We will then put in place an implementation which aligns to these.

How OnDOMAIN works


Unlike other domain monitoring products that only look at top-level domains (TLDs), OnDOMAIN monitors subdomains too. Any parked, forgotten, and impersonation domains are uncovered, and no stone is left unturned. In addition, OnDOMAIN's machine vision-based logo detection uncovers illegitimate use of a brand's assets such as logos, and AI-power Relevance Detection automatically classifies the significance of identities found across sources such as DNS, WHOIS info, SSL certificates, and many others.


OnDOMAIN constantly absorbs and examines intelligence from a wide array of data sources to paint the full picture of a domain’s health and validity. This includes rasterized web snapshots, certificate registration, DNS signals, live spam data, and web content with a history of changes available for analyst review. In addition, OnDOMAIN collects evidence on the offending domain, classifies if it intends to commit fraud or brand infringement, and displays this data through a single pane of glass for review and potential takedown submission.


Remove any doubt about attacks in their preparation phase using evidence gathered by OnDOMAIN in real-time. Sort threats by their imminence, save time with event-driven alerts, and issue one-click takedown notices once an impersonation domain has been identified. The SMX managed services team will execute and manage the takedown of malicious domains on behalf of organisations.

A comprehensive solution for domain protection, investigation, and takedown

OnDOMAIN is a compelling choice for organisations seeking an advanced and comprehensive solution for domain protection, investigation, and takedown. It combines cutting-edge technologies with cost-effective and efficient processes to provide a strong defence against impersonation and brand infringement.

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At SMX, we're committed to providing world-class cyber security solutions. Through our Digital Resilience Portfolio, we help organisations address greatest vulnerabilities across the complete attack surface, including email, domains, brand, and the network perimeter.

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