The Digital Resilience Portfolio

Red Sift’s World-Leading Tech + SMX's Regional Expertise and Data.

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical concerns for many modern organisations. Never before have attacks and breaches been as common and as potentially devastating as they are today.

As attackers and their methods become ever more sophisticated, organisations need world-class, innovative solutions to protect their people, business and brand. Silver-bullet solutions to specific risks are no longer enough. Instead, you need ways to harden the entire attack surface to protect against inevitable threats.

The Digital Resilience Platform is a comprehensive solution.

SMX have partnered with Red Sift to bring the world-leading Digital Resilience Portfolio to the Asia-Pacific region – and expand it with local expertise and support. Partners, resellers and customers benefit from Red Sift’s digital resilience solutions tailored by SMX's regional expertise and data.

SMX: Protecting People, Businesses and Brands

SMX’s cybersecurity technology and solutions combine data and technology with 20 years of expertise to protect our clients' digital business and brand. Our solutions protect web, email, digital and the domain assets of your organisation. SMX's highly skilled team helps implement and optimise these solutions to ensure the best possible level of protection.

At SMX, we believe true cybersecurity is only possible when we put people first, not tech. That’s what we do. Our systems are built for humans, to adapt to the real world with intuitive user experiences. SMX offers cybersecurity solutions with people at its core:

Managed Services

A dedicated team of security specialists, backed by a proven project framework ensures organisations achieve and maintain cyber reliance through managed implementation and ongoing managed services.

Digital Resilience Portfolio

Providing visibility and control, to effectively manage resilience across your digital surface area – including email, domain, brand, and digital perimeter. Protecting your business against the constantly changing landscape of threats.

Secure Email Gateways

SMX gateways provide a multi-filter yet simplified approach to extending the capabilities of Microsoft 365, Google or on-premise email platforms.

The Digital Resilience Portfolio

Domain Protection Service by SMX

Block damaging emails from getting through to customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders by implementing DMARC fully and correctly. 

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OnDOMAIN by Red Sift

Uncover and take down lookalike domains on day zero. 

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Hardenize by Red Sift

Discover and monitor your network perimeter. 

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At SMX, we're committed to providing world-class cyber security solutions. Through our Digital Resilience Portfolio, we help organisations address greatest vulnerabilities across the complete attack surface, including email, domains, brand, and the network perimeter.

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