Prevent spoofing and phishing attacks with DMARC

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance. It is a protocol that helps protect against email spoofing and phishing attacks. In simple terms, DMARC is like a security guard for your email domain. It allows you as the domain owner to set up rules and policies that help prevent others from sending fake emails using your domain name. Watch the video to learn more about the value and power of DMARC.

DMARC enables you to:

  • Prevent bad actors from using your domains to scam money or sensitive information.

  • Identify scammers and stop malicious emails from reaching inboxes.

  • Improve email deliverability and reduce the risk of your emails going into spam folders.

  • Get full visibility and authority over your domains and email channels.

  • Reduce risk of reputational damage through impersonation of your brand.

  • Get visibility of sending sources across your organisation.

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Does your organisation need DMARC?

DMARC is extremely powerful.

However, it’s often not easy to implement – especially for larger organisations with complex domain infrastructure.

Our Domain Protection Service will ensure that DMARC is implemented correctly and smoothly. 

Domain Protection Service - simple DMARC rollouts, ongoing support

With Domain Protection Service, you get:

A team of DMARC experts who have implemented it many times and understand the pitfalls.  

Top-notch customer support. Get someone on the phone when you need them. 

A proven project framework to fast track the DMARC roll-out in agreed timeframe.  

An ongoing managed service to ensure organisations maintain compliance and visibility of any new sending sources or malicious activity.

Blend of human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) analysis to recommend improvements to your DMARC configuration.

Advanced integration features (e.g. Dynamic SPF, Dynamic DMARC, BIMI).

Single vendor. Lowers total cost of ownership.

Our simple two-phase framework supports you on the journey to DMARC

With Domain Protection Service (DPS), you're following a proven project framework led by experts.

We implement DMARC into enforcement and provide ongoing domain management as a managed service.

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The Digital Resilience Portfolio

Domain Protection Service by SMX

Block damaging emails from getting through to customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders by implementing DMARC fully and correctly. 

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Uncover and take down lookalike domains on day zero. 

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At SMX, we're committed to providing world-class cyber security solutions. Through our Digital Resilience Portfolio, we help organisations address greatest vulnerabilities across the complete attack surface, including email, domains, brand, and the network perimeter.

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