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At SMX we protect your people, your information, and your reputation, with our world-leading cloud-based email security solutions, that are government-grade, scalable, and tailored to your business

Valued online security provider for Microsoft IP, and NZ All-of-Government supplier

Spear Phishing - Clone Phishing - Voice Phishing - Whaling - Social Engineering
Email Security Awareness Training
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Tighten Your Office 365 Email Security

  • A local Solution for a Global Problem
  • Detect and block more threats with SMX dual filtering and honeypots
  • Kill URL based threats before they reach your inboxes
  • Automate rules to combat phishing, malware, ransomware and other high-risk email
  • Improve time to access email data archive


Secure, scalable and reliable cloud-based archiving service on Azure, as well as seamless legacy archive migration.

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Customised analysis that can pinpoint and provide powerful reports in minutes, on threats, business intelligence, and compliance.

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Simple and secure data management and migration, taking care of users, rules and data in one place.

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Sophisticated commercial security programs, which we layer to provide high-level personalised threat protection.

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Webinar Booking

Learn more about how SMX can increase your email security and protect your reputation. Book your free webinar via our Webinar Booking Page here.

Webinar 1: Introduction to SMX Email Security and Email Archive for e-Discovery

Find out more about SMX services and "How" you can benefit from easier, safer email for your organisation. Ask questions and get an overview of how easy it is to have SMX protect your users and make any email record available at the click of a button.

Which solution suits?

Individual Businesses

SMX for Enterprise

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Email Service Providers

SMX Email Admin Portal

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Product Features

So, what does it cost?

Our SMX solutions are charged on a per user, per month basis.

For legacy archive, import and storage costs are priced depending on archive size.

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