Secure, scalable and reliable cloud-based archiving service on Azure, as well as seamless legacy archive migration.

A Secure, scalable, reliable – provisioned through Microsoft Azure

  • 14-day quarantine
  • Provisioned on AU regions
  • Global search
  • Full regulatory and standards compliance
  • Streamlined legacy archive migration
  • No requirement for active mailbox Affordable per user/monthly subscription

The SMX Archiving platform is provisioned across the Microsoft Azure Australian platform, ensuring data sovereignty and compliance obligations are maintained.

Once enabled, archiving retains a copy of every message processed by SMX and can be configured to retain archived messages according to compliance retention requirements, or organisations can choose to keep messages indefinitely for complete peace of mind.

    • Simple per user monthly subscription
    • View or download the archive through the Email Admin Portal
    • Legacy archive data for customers can be integrated seamlessly by SMX, including inactive users

For legacy archive, import and storage costs are priced depending on archive size.