Email Security Specialists

Cybersecure email safe for over 1 million Australasian mailboxes

SMX is a specialist in cybersecurity. And that means you access expertise to make your organisation’s digital assets, including email, a lot safer - for less money than our competitors.

Our in-house development team does that with innovative solutions using email archiving tools, a custom rules engine and carrier-grade email service management.

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Here’s what you’ll get with us

Proven systems

For more than 17 years, SMX has developed, deployed and supported email services for enterprise and email providers in Australasia and beyond.

Local focus to stop local threats

We have offices in Auckland and Sydney, so our world-leading service is backed by an understanding of Australasia’s unique threat landscape.

Simplified migration

Getting you onto the cloud is the first step to shoring up your email. By simplifying migration, we enable rapid adoption of Office 365 email and archiving.

Virtual teams of email security experts

Our team helps you sidestep the reputational damage and financial impacts of email security breaches. You’ll prevent Day Zero Attacks and immediately improve your cyber security profile.

Protect your email, protect your brand

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