Get ultimate visibility into what you’re exposing on the Internet

Manage your organisation’s asset inventory and keep critical certificates up-to-date with ease, saving you time and money.

Prevent bad actors from misusing a domain or sub-domain owned by your organisation.

Get control over what all your domains and sub-domains are used for.

Get a clear view of your organisation’s full asset inventory, something other tools are not capable of at such a comprehensive level.

Leverage sophisticated certificate expiration and revocation monitoring of the entire estate.


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Does your organisation need Hardenize?

Red Sift’s Hardenize + SMX Managed Services: Real-time network monitoring and actionable insights on how to mitigate.

Hardenize provides a machine-powered, automated, and continuous discovery service, giving organisations ultimate visibility into what resources they're exposing on the Internet.

We combine this with Managed Services to ensure organisations not only have continued visibility of their threat exposure but also actionable insights and recommendations on how to mitigate or improve.

Our team of security experts have implemented Hardenize many times and will work with you to understand your business, specific use cases and areas of risk. They will then put in place an implementation and managed service plan which aligns to these. 

How Hardenize works

Automated discovery of the network infrastructure globally

Continuous service and configuration monitoring

Maintaining visibility of an organisation’s network infrastructure has never been more difficult. Between rapid technology changes, IT decentralization and outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, too much is happening too quickly. Organisations often operate blind or rely on incomplete data because keeping track of the constant changes is too much work.

In a world where infrastructure changes are made by machines, every minute of every day, Hardenize provides a machine-powered, automated, and continuous discovery service, giving organisations ultimate visibility into what resources they’re exposing on the Internet.

Hardenize can find all assets, including domains, subdomains, network ranges, Cloud IP addresses and providers, and certificates.

Hardenize also continuously monitors the discovered assets to understand what services the organisation is providing. At the network level, that means tracking all open ports and server information. Higher up, Hardenize collects detailed domain policy and server configuration.

With more than a decade of experience building tools for deep security and network configuration analysis, Hardenize supports a wide range of standards and services, including everything related to DNS, SMTP, SPF, DMARC, HTTP, HSTS, TLS, PKI, application security, and many other standards. Coverage includes established as well as emerging technologies.

Hardenize assembles all the collected data and transforms it into a semantic data model, from which it then builds a search engine of your network infrastructure and services.


Continuously monitor the security and configuration of your domains

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The Digital Resilience Portfolio

Domain Protection Service by SMX

Block damaging emails from getting through to customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders by implementing DMARC fully and correctly. 

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OnDOMAIN by Red Sift

Uncover and take down lookalike domains on day zero. 

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Hardenize by Red Sift

Discover and monitor your network perimeter. 

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At SMX, we're committed to providing world-class cyber security solutions. Through our Digital Resilience Portfolio, we help organisations address greatest vulnerabilities across the complete attack surface, including email, domains, brand, and the network perimeter.

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