SMX 365

True dual-layer email security solution, SMX 365 is the preferred email security choice from global and local threats.

Targeted, regional threat detection.

“SMX does the bulk of the grunt work. It filters 90-95% of the noise with Microsoft catching the remainder. With SMX 365 we saw an uplift in catch rates of 15,000 additional catches per week and on our volume that’s huge.”

– CIO, one of APAC’s largest real estate companies.

Optimise Your Enterprise Security Solution

Enable a ‘Better Together’ Email Solution with ATP + SMX 365


SMX 365 delivers high level accuracy through a unique, highly tuned classification engine. Security signals from proprietary and third-party feeds are synthesised stopping threats with minimal false positives.

Service Management Platform

Cloud-based management portal; simplifying administration, reporting, migration and the management of complex workflows & rules.

Data Sovereignty

The SMX 365 cloud security platform is deployed across Australasian data centres, meeting complex data sovereignty requirements to keep all types of organisations compliant.

Local Support

24 /7 support delivered through a knowledgeable and locally based service team, available if you need technical support, have a question, or want information on the latest threats.

Impersonation Protection

An organisations most important stakeholders are protected against targeted BEC/spear-phishing impersonation attacks. Board Members, C-Level Executives, Senior Team Members and Finance Teams can rest assured their identity is secure.

Monthly Threat Reporting

Operational threat reporting with visual and in-depth data to manage and mitigate email risk for your unique business environment.

Cloud Migration &Transformation

Advanced email routing and migration APIs, tools, and services, enable users to migrate to the cloud easily and securely.

Provisioned on Azure

Ability to securely scale email gateway requirements with SMX 365 on Azure. The world’s most trusted cloud furthers SMX’s ability to provide users with the most secure, rapidly deployed solution.

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