Targeted, regional threat detection.

Designed for Enterprise and Government organisations in Australasia using Microsoft 365.

Architected specifically to deliver dual-layer security with Microsoft Exchange Online/Advanced Threat Protection (EOP/ATP), SMX 365 improves accuracy, reduces risk, and makes protecting your users easy.

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Genuine dual-layer security with Office 365 EOP & ATP

Other Secure email gateway providers disable EOP & ATP protection, increasing risk and reducing productivity not with SMX 365.

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Global and Regional threat detection

SMX 365 delivers global and targeted, Australasian threat profiles. Protecting your users against Phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Malware and Spam.

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Improved Deliverability

Need to ensure your business or commercial email reaches the recipient? SMX’s regional coverage not only protects you from threats but ensures delivery when it matters.

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SmartRules supporting complex email workflows

Compliance, DLP or email migration requirements? SMX SmartRules provides you complete control over your mail-flow. All managed through an easy to use, cloud-based management portal.

“SMX does the bulk of the grunt work. It filters 90-95% of the noise with Microsoft catching the remainder. With SMX 365 we saw an uplift in catch rates of 15,000 additional catches per week and on our volume that’s huge.”

– CIO, one of APAC’s largest real estate companies.

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