SMX 365: safer emails

With true dual-layer email security, SMX 365 is trusted to protect thousands of enterprise and government organisations against global and local threats.

“SMX does the bulk of the grunt work. It filters 90-95% of the noise with Microsoft catching the remainder. With SMX 365 we saw an uplift in catch rates of 15,000 additional catches per week and on our volume that’s huge.”

– CIO, one of APAC’s largest real estate companies.

Optimise your enterprise email security

SMX 365 + Enterprise Online Protection

Get local support

Access 24/7 technical support from our knowledgeable, local service team.

Protect against impersonation attacks

Guard your board members, C-suite, senior leaders and finance team against targeted BEC/spear-phishing impersonation attacks.

Simplify cloud migration and transformation

Advanced email routing, and migration APIs, tools and services, enable users to migrate to the cloud easily and securely.

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