Let your technical teams focus on front-end customer email platforms, while we take care of the rest.

SMX Email Admin Portal provides top level email security, management and migration to thoroughly take care of your customer accounts and data. Our service gives you the ultimate assurance your customers email data is protected, management is simple, and support is accessible when you need it.

Our SMX solutions are charged on a per user, per month basis. For legacy archive, import and storage costs are priced depending on archive size.


SMX Email Admin Portal takes care of


Seamless legacy archive migration, ensuring full email history transfer and individual message access


A streamlined email platform management system which can be swiftly adapted to meet your brand look & feel, Customer Support Rep needs and technical requirements


Simple and secure data and account management, with the ability to adapt rules and data all in one place


Multiple sophisticated commercial security filters, which we layer to provide world-leading threat protection, targeted to counter localised risks

SMX Email Admin Portal can provide you with

Solve the problem of
top level email provision and management
with SMX Email Admin Portal