Poor reputation occurs when the sending lists are of poor quality, the message content is poor or the sending party's email does not conform to email sending standards. A poor reputation eventually results in a degradation of IP address reputation.

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The consequence for bulk email senders
Legitimate emails
get blocked

What you might be risking

If your legitimate emails are getting blocked, you are at risk of;

  • Not getting paid by your customer,
  • Not being heard by your stakeholders,
  • Not reaching your sales targets,
  • Damaging your brand reputation.

Why choose Bulk Outbound Mail Relay?

Take the hassle out of Bulk OMR. SMX provides a secure bulk outbound email relay with high reputation IP address management. Bulk OMR is a cloud service designed to send large volumes of outbound email reliably and securely. Emails sent via SMX's Bulk OMR service are scanned for malware and spam before being delivered to the recipient and can be tracked in the SMX management portal.

No Hassle

Our Bulk OMR is billed monthly, based on the peak outbound email day during the month.