When millions of client emails are in your care, migrating information off a legacy archive and into a more functional cloud-based system may seem a daunting prospect.

But SMX’s Migration Tools create a simple and secure way to make the switch to more up-to-date technology. Using the API Integration, organisations already using identity, subscriber or reporting platforms can seamlessly integrate into SMX. Our proven, enterprise-grade migration framework can transfer your existing configuration and customer data effortlessly.

Seamless migration, minimal downtime, complete assurance over the protection of your data.


The benefits of SMX Migration…

Switching to a cloud-based system is essential
going forward make that switch

Migrating data doesn’t need to be a hassle. Here’s Harcourts’ success story working with SMX.


"Harcourts is delighted with the SMX service. The transition to SMX was seamless. We were up and running in about half an hour and users were unaware of the change. The support staff have been fantastic and my whole experience with SMX has been extremely positive."
Jason Wills, CIO, Harcourts International Limited