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We are sorry that you did not find value in our product at this price. Have you had a chat with your account manager to see if they could help? Drop an email to, and we will see how we can help.

Great choice in choosing Microsoft365, but before you cancel, have a look at this: Your security is important to us; drop a mail to Customer Success at to find out more.

We are sorry that our support has not met your expectations; we will review the matter and learn from it. Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you for letting us know. We wish you all the best and hope to provide your email security services in the future.

Domain reminders, please confirm you will action the following
Don't forget MX, SPF and DMARC
This avoids internal mail routing of the domains after the MX changes
Dates and Consent

Direct customer agreements have a 90 day termination period. We process terminations once a month; please check our portal for updated termination dates.

We will try and work towards this date depending on the current agreement.
Here is a link to our standard terms and conditions if needed.
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