What hours of support does SMX provide?

Our standard hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM NZT, apart from statutory holidays. We provide email support to all customers. Emails received outside of these hours will be responded to on the next business day. SMX also offers an extended support service, for more information on gold support contact sales@smxemail.com

How do I contact the email support/help desk?

To contact the SMX Email Support Desk, send an email to emailsupport@smxemail.com. You can also ring NZ Freephone: 0800 SMX SMX (769 769) AUS Freephone: 1800 476 976, International Phone: +64 9 302 0515 and select 1.

How do I notify SMX of a misclassified email?

In order for SMX to investigate an email problem the help desk requires a copy of the misclassified email. This means that the original email must be sent to emailsupport@smxemail.com. The SMX help desk will automatically issue you with a case number to be included in all future correspondence related to this case.

These are the steps to follow when sending the misclassified email to the SMX support desk with most common mail clients and webmail clients:

  1. Launch your email client
  2. Create a new message and address it to emailsupport@smxemail.com
  3. Drag and drop the misclassified email into the newly created message, it will now appear as an attachment

N.B. In Mac OS X Mail, use the "Forward as Attachment" option in the Message menu or via right-click.

Below are video clip instructions showing the process on common email clients:

Outlook Mail Client
Outlook Express Mail Client
Thunderbird Mail Client
  • Submit false negative (a spam email that should have been blocked)

  • Submit false positive (a legitimate email that should not have been blocked)

  • Submit a false negative or a false positive 

Lotus Notes / IBM Notes Mail Client

As of version 8.5.2, Lotus Notes / IBM Notes supports saving Internet messages as eml files. To do this:

  1. Open the email
  2. File > Save as
  3. Save as type > IBM Notes Mail Message (* .eml)
    * Note: The option to Save only appears on messages received from the Internet, internal company messages will have the option greyed out.
  4. Then, create a new email and send the email as an attachment to emailsupport@smxemail.com with 'False Negative' or 'False Positive' in the subject

mime attachment 600

Gmail Webmail
  1. Open the email and click on the 'More' arrow on the right hand side
  2. Choose 'Show original'
  3. This will open in a new tab called 'Original message'
  4. Choose 'Download original', save this to your computer and email it to us as an attachment at emailsupport@smxemail.com

Watch this short video on how to submit a false negative or false positive in Gmail

Outlook Webmail
  1. Select 'More options'
  2. Click on 'View source'
  3. Press CTRL + ALL to copy everything and put the code in the text file
  4. Save this to your computer and email it to us as an attachment at emailsupport@smxemail.com
SMX Webmail
  1. Open the message and click on the three lines at the top right hand corner of the message. (settings for the message)
  2. Choose 'View source' and copy all the text in the box that pops up
  3. Save this as text (.txt) file and email the file to us at emailsupport@smxemail.com
Mobile Device (Built-in Email Apps, Downloaded Email Apps, Mobile browser)

If you are using a mobile device and would like to submit a false negative to us, please send this via your desktop/laptop computer so we can receive the email in the correct format for processing.

Please Note: Only misclassified emails that are submitted using any of these methods can be investigated by the SMX support desk. Any other method will not create an rfc822 MIME attachment, which will not provide the message in its original form. 

I am a customer of SMX and somebody sending email to me has incorrectly received notification that their message was rejected for suspected spam content (i.e. a false positive). How do I get this resolved?

To submit a false positive please follow the procedure outlined in 'How do I notify SMX of a misclassified email?' above.

I am not a customer of SMX and I have received notification that my message was rejected for suspected spam content (i.e. a false positive). How do I get this resolved?

To submit a false positive please follow the procedure outlined in 'How do I notify SMX of a misclassified email?' above.

How do I submit an email rejected as a virus?

Please follow the steps below to save and submit the email to the Support Desk.  You may need assistance from your IT team for the below steps, however if you are comfortable following them please carry on.

A. Save the whole email, including any attachments, to a folder on your computer (the desktop is suggested so you can locate it easily).

1 rejected 600

B. Next, please follow the instructions below for either WinRAR or 7-Zip:

C. Zip the email and password protect the zip file.

D. Compose a new message to emailsupport@smxemail.com and attach the password protected zip file.

E. Note: Please include the password in the body of the email so we are able to open it.

Watch this video guide on how to put a password on Zip files in Windows 7.

How can I receive incident and planned maintenance alerts from SMX?

To be notified of any incidents or planned maintenance, please visit our Service Status Alerts page and subscribe to updates by email and/or text message.

How can I set up Office 365 with SMX?

SMX will need to setup your account in the SMX portal as a prerequisite to configuring Office 365 in your environment. If you need this setup, please contact SMX Support.

Please have a read over this Office 365 set up guide which will guide you how you can configure your Office 365 to work with SMX. This guide covers the inbound and outbound configuration.

How do I configure mail clients with TLS or STARTTLS?

To configure your email client/s with TLS or STARTTLS, the basic details are as follows:


POP port 110 with StartTLS or 995 with SSL

IMAP port 143 with StartTLS or 993 with SSL


SMTP port 587 with StartTLS or 25 with TLS

Below are the details on how to enable the (TLS) protocol for the Microsoft Outlook email program and Mac OS email client:

Microsoft Outlook Mail Client

Step 1

With your Outlook client open, select Tools from the main menu. Then select Account Settings... from the drop down menu.

image1 outlook tls

Step 2

This will open up the Account Settings window. If you have more than one email account configured, make sure that your SMX account is selected. With your SMX email account highlighted, select Change. See Figure 2 below.

image2 outlook tls

This will open another window called Change E-Mail Account. Click More Settings.

image3 outlook tls

This will open another window called Internet E-mail Settings. Click the Advanced tab. Look in the section called Server Port Numbers. In the drop down menu under Incoming server (IMAP), select TLS from the list of options. The port number should be set to 143. Then, in the drop down menu under Outgoing server (SMTP), select TLS from the options. Your outgoing server port number should already be set to 587, but if it is not, type "587" in the Outgoing server (SMTP) field.

image4 outlook tls

Click OK to close the Internet E-mail Settings window. Close the Change E-mail Account window. Click Close to close the Account Settings window.

Mac OS Mail Client

With your Apple mail client open, select Mail from the main menu. Then select Preferences from the drop down menu.


Select Accounts from the top menu and click on the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) section, click on the drop down button.


Select Edit SMTP Server List.


On the pop up window, click Advanced and make sure that Automatically detect and maintain account settings is ticked and the Port is 587. Also tick the Use SSL box. Click on OK to save.


Select Advanced and make sure that the Port is 143 and that the Use SSL box is ticked.


Click the red button on the top left corner to close the window.

Other Mail Clients

If you are you are using other mail clients, please ring the Support Team for assistance.

What do I do if my email has been rejected due to RBL?

If your email has rejected to an RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) then please follow the steps below so you can send the email:

  1.     Find out who the IP address belongs to, you can check this at https://www.whatismyip.com/
  2.     Once you have found out who the IP address belongs to, scan any machines/devices related to that IP address and remove any malware / spyware / viruses.
  3.     Once this has been done you can check at https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx which RBLs the IP address is on and request delisting from the appropriate websites.
  4.     Once the delisting of the IP address has been completed you will be able to send your email again.


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