What do I do if my email is rejected due to RBL?

If your email has rejected due to an RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) and you have received this bounceback message:

"We apologise but this message from xxx.xxx.xx.xxx has been rejected due to 554-5.7.1 a RBL listing. If this is an error, please follow the procedures at 554 5.7.1 https://smxemail.com/rbl"

Please follow the steps below so you can send the email:

  1. The IP address will be in the error.
  2. Once you have found the IP address, scan any machines/devices related to that IP address and remove any malware/spyware/viruses.
  3. Go to https://lookup.abusix.com/ to see which RBLs the IP address is on and request de-listing from the appropriate section.
  4. After de-listing the IP address, you will be able to send the email again.

Other rejections due to RBL may occur with other providers for emails being sent in and out of SMX but Abusix is the only provider that SMX uses. If your email has been rejected by another provider then please follow their instructions.