General Enquiries

What hours of support does SMX provide?

Our standard hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM NZT, apart from statutory holidays. We provide email support to all customers. Emails received outside of these hours will be responded to on the next business day.

SMX also offers an 24/7 support for Gold Support customers, for more information on Gold Support contact
If you are unsure as to whether or not you have Gold Support, please check the products tab in your SMX email administration portal. If you do not have access to your SMX email administration portal, please check your latest invoice for mentions of Gold Support.

How do I contact the SMX service team?

To contact the SMX Email Service Desk, send an email to You can also ring NZ Freephone: 0800 SMX SMX (769 769) AUS Freephone: 1800 476 976, International Phone: +64 9 302 0515 and select 1.

How do I notify SMX of a misclassified email?

In order for SMX to investigate an email problem the service desk requires a copy of the misclassified email (.eml format).

These are the steps to follow when sending the misclassified email to the SMX service desk with most common mail clients and webmail clients:

  1. Launch your email client
  2. Create a new message and address it to
  3. Drag and drop the misclassified email into the newly created message, it will now appear as an attachment

N.B. Please do not include other recipients your submission whether in the To, CC or BCC fields.
In Mac OS X Mail, use the "Forward as Attachment" option in the Message menu or via right-click.

Below are instructions for different email clients on how to submit your misclassified email to SMX.

Outlook Mail Client

  • Submit false positive (a legitimate email that should not have been blocked)

Thunderbird Mail Client

  • Submit false positive (a legitimate email that should not have been blocked)

Gmail Mail Client

  • Submit a false positive.

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