SEG (Secure Email Gateway) to SMX 365 Migration

I’m not sure I want to move to SMX 365. What happens if I stay with SEG?

By staying with SEG, you’re opening your business up to more risk. SMX 365 is better designed to protect against increased threat levels and delivers better accuracy, helping you get the most from Microsoft 365.

What does SMX 365 give me that SEG doesn’t?

SMX 365 has been designed for a modern threat environment. This means when you switch from SEG, you’ll get:

  • Better protection from a broader range of cyber threats.
  • Improved accuracy for better security and deliverability.
  • Instant access to the new features and improvements on our roadmap, including improved ease of use, interface design and smart integrations.
  • Reporting and analytics -unified interface for reporting and configuration, real-time reporting engine

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How do I know if I have disabled Microsoft 365 security?

To find out, click here for Microsoft’s antispam page, navigate to Connection.

For more help contact your email admin or IT partner.

Why do I need SMX 365 and Microsoft 365?  

Microsoft 365 offers great protections, but it isn’t foolproof – customers still report high degrees of spam, malware and other forms of attack according to the Secure Email Gateway market quadrant report.  

That’s why it is best practice to deploy a third-party gateway in front of it. While other gateways disable Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and Advanced Threat Protection (EOP/ATP), SMX 365 complements them. This means you get more from your investment in Microsoft 365 and true dual-layer security, plus specialist service and local threat knowledge from SMX.

Will SMX 365 cost more? 

For some, yes – although the increase is minuscule when compared to the average cost of a BEC – $159k. For others, the subscription price may reduce or remain unchanged.

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