Why do I need DMARC and how do I use DMARC protection with SMX?

Why you want a DMARC capable secure email gateway:

DMARC is an email validation technology designed to protect your company’s email domains from being used for email spoofing, phishing scams and other cybercrimes. DMARC makes it easier for email senders and receivers to confirm if a message is from a legitimate sender. Identifying real senders from fake senders continues to get more difficult because the email technology ecosystem is complex and senders of fake email continue to adapt their delivery tactics.

DMARC puts one more hurdle in the way of cyber criminals. When combined with SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) you’re putting in place comprehensive email security defenses that will substantially increase your protection against high risk email.

DMARC checking is now performed on all inbound messages being filtered by SMX.

You can use DMARC with SMX products in the following ways:


  • Its now possible to enable whitelisting of DMARC using the existing 'Policy Management' area in the SMX Email Admin Portal.
  • Whitelisting can be configured per group of domains.
  • A choice for users; enable whitelisting of Spam, Gray Mail, SPF, or DMARC.
  • Conditional logic can be applied where some whitelisting options are not available because other options have been chosen or type of policy set may be in conflict.

DMARC Report / Statistics:

  • Messages which fail due to DMARC can be individually reported as DMARC failures and are included in our Spam count reporting.
  • The SMX Email Admin Portal Mail Event Report can be used to gain visibility of rejected email messages due to DMARC Spam. Note: this is not “DMARC Feedback” to sending domain owners, it is reporting available to SMX users regarding messages defined as DMARC Spam.

Existing whitelists:

  • There is the option to enable DMARC whitelisting for existing SPF whitelist policy sets.

Hear From an Expert Panel 

Below you can watch our expert panel answer a few topical questions relating to the deployment of DMARC. On the panel we have (from the left) Colin Taylor – our SMX CTO, Tony Krzyzewski – DMARC Expert and Ambassador for Global Cyber Alliance and Darren Beattie – Manager, Network and Access for Tower Insurance representing the customer view.

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