SMX Email Admin Portal - How to whitelist an email?

Whitelisting is only designed to be a temporary measure to allow the email through for further analysis and reclassification. Whitelists comes with potential security risks so it is recommended to use this sparingly or until a fix is made. Adding whitelists should also comply with individual company’s security policy.

Please follow these steps below to whitelist the email:

1. Log into the SMX Email Admin Portal - with your username (email address) and password.


2. Find the email in the mail search by searching for the message under "Inbound Scrubbing" or "Outbound Scrubbing".

3. Once you hit ‘Search’ button you will see email logs on right hand pane. Double click on the message to open the Message Details window to find out if the message has been rejected due to SPF or Spam. (You will see this under Mail Type)


4. Copy the “From:” address and add this as a whitelist under the appropriate Policy Set under Policy Management depending on the rejection SPF (SPF rejections) or default (for spam).

If there is no SPF opt out set please follow these steps:

  • Click on “New Set” which will create a new set. Name it “SPF opt out”
  • Click on the Configuration tab and make sure “Whitelisting applies to SPF failures” is selected and then click on save

Please note the policy sets run in order from top down and when a policy is hit it will not traverse down the policy sets further. You can move a policy set up and down by clicking on the arrows on the right hand side of the policy set.