Release notes for SMX Portal v202/193 - June 27, 2019

1. Quarantine

A new Quarantine module is available for licensed quarantine customers. The module provides a centralised area for previewing, downloading or releasing quarantined messages.

Key Features:

  • Preview, Download or Release quarantined messages
  • Messages are stored in a customers Quarantine for 14 days after which they are removed
  • Create additional policies to Quarantine Gray-mail. Gray mail is created when our two mail filters have a missed match verdict on whether the mail is clean or suspected spam.
  • Compatible with existing SmartRules quarantine policies

Email may be one of the following four types;

Note: Customers can continue to use the existing Quarantine preview and release functionally within Mail Search, however, we encourage customers to use the new module as we intend to remove legacy functionally in a future release.

2. UI/UX Improvements

We have had a general clean-up and modernisation of the UI during this release, which include:

  • Flattened UI
  • General UI/UX Improvements
  • Customer Dashboard layout improvements
  • Updated charting engine

3. Archiving Improvements

Clicking on a message in the search results will take you through to the message details/preview view.