FAQs about the SMX Archive

Who has access to the SMX archive? The SMX archive can only be viewed by a user who has been granted the archive role within the SMX email admin portal which help prevent unauthorised access. An audit log is kept so it can be easily tracked who has viewed and downloaded emails within the archive.

Can administrators/users purge archived emails?

The emails cannot be purged from the SMX archive therefore making it an excellent solution for records compliance where a complete storage of emails need to be kept for legal reasons.

Other archive solutions allow the end user to manage their own archive and therefore purge emails out of the archive.

How does SMX Archive ensure compliance to legal and regulatory requirements?

The SMX archive is not tied to a specific user license so when a user leaves the organisation the archive is still retained. With other archive solutions you still need to keep paying for the license of the user that has left the organisation.

With the SMX archive once it has been turned on all emails inbound and outbound will be archived for all users so it does not need to be turned on for specific users. This will ensure that all emails are archived.

What can an organisation archive to SMX?

Organisations can achive outbound and inbound emails. For inbound emails to be archived, journaling must be turned on.

Can I move my existing archive to SMX?

Yes we can import your existing archive easily into the SMX archive, please contact us and we can begin the process of moving your archive to SMX.

Important Information

Updating your mail configuration:

It is important that when you make a change to your email configuration – eg change your mail server or add a new IP address the correct records that you would like to be archived are selected under the configuration tab. If you are using Office 365 with SMX please ensure you use Archive All in the configuration.

Have further questions about archiving?

For more information on SMX Archiving please read the latest blog from SMX email evangelist Thom Hooker here or contact us