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This checks for suspect URLs in the email and adds a warning message in the email advising the recipient.
Emails which are detected as spam by one of our spam engines are placed into quarantine for 30 days. Please subscribe to a Inbound/Quarantined report to manage this and enable a user with Quarantine access.
Gold support provides 24/7 support for an extra cost, please contact your account manager for more information and pricing.
SMX signs all outbound emails with the default SMX dkim signature, if you would like a custom DKIM signature set up please let us know by specifying the domains in the box above

We will create the DKIM keys for the domains to improve your email deliverability. This will require DNS changes - please keep an eye on your email for instructions.

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For information on adding and removing users please see here for a guide.

If you have any questions about the above please contact your account manager or SMX support

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