DMARC email authentication is a revolution in email security.

But the complexity around implementing it – and the fallout if something goes wrong – means too many companies aren’t using it properly, or at all.

We can help.


Simple DMARC rollouts, ongoing support

No risk of downtime 

We have the specialist knowledge needed to properly implement DMARC while keeping emails up and running. 

Local teams

You get local support and response – we don’t use offshore teams, so you’ll have someone onsite or on the phone when you need them. 

Hands-on support  

With DPS you get experts following a proven project framework to step you through the process and get you where you need to be. 

Removes complexity 

We work with internal stakeholders to understand the full landscape of the business, then design rules to close any gaps. 

Reporting and insight  

We report on sending behaviour and remote sites, and then offer usable insights based on that data.

Under DPS, we deliver DMARC implementation and ongoing domain management as a managed service.

That means you know you’re following a proven project framework led by experts.

Domain protection services – how they work

Kickoff and discovery

We’ll connect with multiple stakeholders to understand your requirements so the policy we define fits with the way you operate.

DMARC rollout

You’re guided through a proven process framework with sender and policy meetings, a dedicated specialist and training.

Ongoing domain protection

We’ll ensure DMARC continues to offer the same protection with a fully managed service or the option to self-service.

Why SMX?

We’re trusted with more than a million inboxes across 70 government agencies and even more private organisations.

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