Clean status types


All mail that the SMX filters have scanned and deemed to be safe and clean mail and delivered to the mail account

Allow policy / Whitelist

This category lets mail though based on criteria set and is always allowed across the filters. This is considered as clean for this report but is accounted for in its own category. This is set up inside the SMX3 admin interface.


Filtered status types

Deny policy / Blacklist

This category is the opposite of the allow policy, email is declined before the mail gets to the SMX filters. This is set up inside the SMX3 admin interface.


Viruses, phishing, and any other mail that could cause harm to the end computer or the network are classified as threats.


Any bulk unsolicited email is classified as SPAM by the more advanced filters. This count is lower than the actual figures due to the early dropping of blacklisted IPs source before the traffic is allocated to a customer account.

SPF Spam

SPF is a technology that confirms that the mail sent comes from an approved source server.


Unknown is mail from the mail server service i.e.: mail bounce messages, non-delivery reports, etc.


Realtime blacklists. Mail servers that are listed in online blacklists. This traffic is not counted at a customer level.