Richard Gray SMX

Richard Gray

Operations Technical Lead

Richard is the Operations Technical Lead at SMX where he brings his 22 years of industry experience to the task of setting technical directions for the operations team.

With a strong emphasis on both delivering what the customer needs and strategising SMX’s own IT requirements Richard acts as a vital liaison between the operations team and other groups within SMX. He works with the Operations Manager, CTO and CIO to prioritise work and ensure it’s completed to standard.

Richard brings his communications skills to the job anytime there is customer engagement, and his attention to detail in getting to the bottom of the problems customers are trying to solve. Both skills are also required to ensure that communications between customers and the operations team are concise and accurate so the team can help the customer solve their issue in the least possible time. Email security is never a trivial problem and Richard enjoys the ongoing challenge of ensuring SMX’s customers stay one step ahead of potential threats.