Upskilling your team on catching phishing threats

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Introducing Sophos Technology - Creating a positive security awareness culture while catching your biggest phishing threat

Nowadays, what company doesn’t have a solution to email threats? With over 66% of malware now installed via malicious email attachments, and advanced spear phishing attacks costing businesses an average of $140,000 per incident, the risk factor is incredibly high.

In fact, it’s almost unavoidable – 41% of IT professionals reporting phishing attacks at least daily.

Whether your email security is a standard part of your Office 365 package or a higher-level solution, nothing is completely fool proof. A) Because the threat landscape is always changing. And B) because often the biggest ‘hole’ in your security net is in your own team.

Human error is easy. A well-crafted and designed phishing scam can be all too simple for staff members to get drawn into. Especially when they believe the security net is catching all this rubbish before it hits their inboxes.

Which is why we’ve just invested in Sophos technology – a simulation phishing engine that allows you to test potential phishing threats within your organisation.

The technology is used to educate and test your end users through automated attack simulations, and then provide personalised training for them on security awareness. The reporting metrics allow you to analyse issues deeply and customise training to suit individual needs.

Simulation campaigns can be refined to target different departments or even risk levels within the company – it’s essentially a drill that illustrates where potential weaknesses in your online security are, so you can address them before they become a reality.

Creating a positive security awareness culture within your workplace is the aim – a proactive approach that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Here’s what our Sophos Phishing Threat engine provides:

  • Over 140 realistic and challenging simulations powered by the latest global threat intelligence
  • Personalised training for end users caught in a simulated attack
  • Automated reporting on phishing and training results
  • Multiple language options, should you need them
  • Choice of international hosting regions (United States, Ireland, Germany)

Want to know where the risks lie for your business?

Talk to us today about Sophos and the benefits it can provide your team and organisation.