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SMX, Australasia’s leading cloud email security and managed messaging service provider, has launched a new email integration service which enables the full suite of SMX email security and management services to be integrated into virtually any third-party cloud email service.

SMX CEO Ian McDonald says the new SMX service has compelling business benefits for organisations of all sizes, and is of particular value to mid-sized organisations using Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps and who need industry-leading threat protection alongside sophisticated email management – including high capacity cloud archiving with unlimited email storage.

“While Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s Gmail have basic email spam and virus filters, our new SMX service creates a defence in depth strategy for email security and enables those users to immediately switch on enterprise-grade inbound and outbound email filtering, archiving, and market-leading data loss protection, including anti-phishing and whaling capabilities,” McDonald says.

SMX Vice President of Business Development David Frazer says the new SMX integration service can be implemented within a matter of minutes, without any disruption to an organisation’s operations. The new service runs on any cloud hosting environment and can also be deployed to on-premise infrastructure.

“As Microsoft Office 365 gains maturity as a viable platform across all types of businesses, SMX has been receiving a growing volume of enquiries from Microsoft Office 365 customers looking to upgrade their email threat protection and management,” Frazer says.

“They want more sophisticated whitelisting and blacklisting tools. They want access to SMX’s anti-phishing and whaling modules and defences against new threats, such as Cyberlocking. They also want cloud email archiving with local hosting, forensic authentication, and no limits on the amount of storage or the duration.

“Microsoft Office 365 customers are particularly interested in SMX’s SmartRules® content management and data loss protection application. SmartRules® is highly effective against the increasing proliferation of whaling attacks, while preventing sensitive data leaving the organisation. The new service allows administrators to create users with varying roles and permissions, allows them to configure the service and ‘drag & drop’ SmartRules®; all in a single dashboard.

“We are receiving similar enquiries from users of other cloud platforms such as Gmail, Google Docs and Salesforce. There is a particular issue with a potential Salesforce vulnerability due to shared IP addresses, which this service solves,” Frazer says.

The new SMX integration service is available now from SMX resellers or direct from SMX.

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