Stepping up the service at SMX

Office Support

Our business lives and breathes on the basis of providing a service to our customers, which means our customer service is top priority. 

Over the past two years here at SMX we’ve made some deliberate changes in our service team to make sure we’re responsive, and our support process is as streamlined as possible for you. 

A big part of that is in relationship building. It’s easy for a tech company to get tied up in the binary; a little harder to naturally invest in client relationship, and subsequently, dialogue. So, we’ve put conversation at the forefront, and it’s paying off.

As part of these changes, we brought Darren Vujcich onboard last August as Service Delivery Manager. He’s been working in a similar role with Spark for the past 14 years. He also has a background in technical engineering and delivery, which means he really understands the technical aspects of what we do, and provides a great level of understanding between client and support.

Darren’s focused on our client and reseller relationships and has put a lot of time into that aspect of his role over the past 9 months. He’s the ears of SMX essentially, constantly feeding back to our product development and service teams, so we understand where to make improvements that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

He also works alongside our resellers – companies like Microsoft and Rhipe. Our resellers are the face of SMX in the marketplace, and the level of training and resources they can access certainly impacts the way they sell to market.

To sum up his philosophy behind the leadership of the SMX service team, he’d say working with total honesty, integrity, as well as clear and effective communication. Getting to know clients better has made a big difference in how SMX are perceived, he says.

Darren works closely with Sigred Josue, the Service Team Manager, and the team is now structured into three levels of service to provide a more streamlined approach to any arising issues or customer training needs.

Having the service desk team based in Australasia is a massive benefit to our clients too, says Darren. “The team know the Australasian threat landscape well, so are more in tune with customer needs and any threat issues arising. Plus, we’re working within the same time period, rather than introducing a response delay across multiple time zones when you’re dealing with other security support teams.”

Clients seem to be seeing a difference too – there have been quite a few words and emails of thanks coming through to the team. “It’s great to hear,” Darren says, “We know we’re onto it if the clients are genuinely offering words of praise!”

SMX Service Team