Beef up your baseline email security with some cost-effective SmartRulesĀ® cybersecurity muscle

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With cloud services, customers should expect their vendor to provide up-to-date services at a price point they can justify. And if their vendor stops providing one or other they can always move their business elsewhere.

This model works extremely well as it forces cloud vendors, such as SMX, to maintain a relevant position in the market every single day. SMX does this by continuing to innovate as new threats emerge.

One of the technologies that allows us to rapidly innovate is our SmartRules engine.

SmartRules bridges the gap between our generic email filtering services, which are geared towards detecting and blocking the massive amounts of spam, malware and general abuse that constitutes the bulk of the email traffic we see, and the specific security needs of each organisation. At a high-level, SmartRules essentially allows customers to define specific rules and policies controlling the types of content allowed into or out of their site.

We often get asked why the SmartRules product isn't part of the base filtering package if it provides such a vital link between the generic service and each customer's specific policy requirements. The reason we separate these two services out is that not all customers need the additional features and security that SmartRules provides. For these customers we provide the option to not take up the extra protection provided by SmartRules and for these customers the base filtering service usually provides adequate protection.

However, for those customers that do have a specific security requirement for email, SmartRules is available at a modest increment on the base filtering price and all SmartRules features are available to all customers. Additionally, as new attacks emerge, SmartRules will continue to provide the tools for SMX's engineers to detect and block these attacks. Utilising our system lists architecture, all customers with rules in place referencing our system lists immediately receive the additional protection without having to download, install or configure anything.

Finally, proactively deploying SmartRules means that even if your organisation isn't under attack currently, you are already protected against these attacks should your site become a target.

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