SMX, Microsoft or Both for eDiscovery and Compliance

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Will it be SMX, Microsoft or both to meet your eDiscovery requirements?

Organisations that need to recover information from historical email records are often faced with time consuming and ineffective ways of searching across their users’ email data. Accurate, timely recovery becomes even more important when there is a need to comply to information requests governed by legislation (i.e. the Australian Archives Act 1983, the NZ Public Records Act 2005, Official Information Act 1982 or Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 - LGOIMA).

With the ongoing efforts by many organisations to move more email to the cloud, Microsoft Office 365, SMX has responded by “making email easier” with our product, SMX Accelerate; an email archiving solution that enables email messages to be stored as complete records (including attachments, headers and all meta data) that makes any email easily available for teams required to carry out the task of eDiscovery for compliance.

Some of this eDiscovery search functionality may be available within an organisations current email configuration. However, this becomes highly dependent on the type of email solutions they have deployed, the way it is configured and the licensing options they have chosen.

To help our government agency and enterprise customers understand the options available, SMX has provided the following list of questions: