An SMX Microsoft partnership that brings you more

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SMX has been working together with Microsoft for several years now with our SMX Accelerate product being sold as an upgrade security product for Microsoft’s Office 365 and Exchange online.

After seeing our solutions in action in the marketplace over the past few years, Microsoft approached us about becoming a Tier 1 IP Co-Sell Partner. It proposed bundling our SMX Accelerate enterprise-grade email security and archive solution as an approved IP Co-Sell Solution, available on Azure.

We see a great benefit in this Microsoft partnership, which will provide us with technical assistance, marketing and communications support and the services of a specialised Business Development Manager to help us expand our reach in the Australasian marketplace. Microsoft benefits in turn from our streamlined solution to client archiving, and of course, high-level email security. Its clients can purchase simply with the Azure bundle – one supplier, one bill, and proven localised support through our SMX service and support team.

Our partnership launched in 2018, and we’re enjoying stepping into this new territory alongside Microsoft.

Want to know more about our SMX Accelerate Azure product? Download a spec sheet here.