A new CEO and a new era of cybersecure email

Richard Fraser

Introducing Richard Fraser and the new and improved SMX

When it comes to technical capabilities, SMX has always been ahead of the pack. But a few years ago, we realised that technical expertise was only useful if it connected to real business insights and challenges.

We also noticed that the market was shifting – instead of outsourcing cybersecurity to global providers, Australasian organisations were asking for bespoke solutions from local experts.

So for two years, we’ve looked at the way we work and the services we offer to put customers at the centre of everything we do. SMX is now perfectly positioned to help New Zealand and Australian businesses approach cybersecurity proactively, rather than just mopping up in the aftermath of an attack. We protect one million mailboxes and over 24% of all New Zealand’s Microsoft 365 inboxes, so we have the data, the technical expertise and the vision. Now with Richard Fraser as our CEO, we have a leader to amplify our momentum.

Introducing Richard Fraser, our new CEO

Richard’s expertise and leadership are the final pieces we needed.

Co-founder and director Thom Hooker says that’s because Richard puts people rather than technology first – exactly the approach we need to solidify our position as a customer-led company.

“It feels like SMX has been through a rebirth. We know where to go next and Richard is the person to lead us there,” Thom says.

Richard’s impressive CV spans advertising and high-tech industries, having held leadership roles at the likes of Ogilvy Interactive, Alcatel-Lucent, Orion Health and Plexure. That broad experience equips him to understand how cybersecurity impacts businesses of all kinds and how SMX could better support them.

“Australasia has a unique threat environment and businesses crying out for more region-specific data and insight – SMX has the expertise to deliver that,” says Richard.

SMX is poised to introduce programmes around Australasian-focussed customer engagement, data and insight, and share more customer success stories.

And that’s just the start.

For Richard, leading the next chapter for SMX isn’t just another role. It’s a chance to be part of securing some of Australasia’s most important organisations.

“I love this part of the world, I love technology and the intersection of business, tech and consumers. SMX connects all those,” he says.

“As a proud Kiwi, I’m looking forward to being part of protecting so many of New Zealand’s and Australia’s most important organisations.”

Richard will be reaching out to clients and partners over the coming weeks, but he’d be thrilled to hear from you sooner. Email him now.