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A wise investment for Craigs Investment Partners

Craig Investment Partners

At Craigs Investment Partners – one of New Zealand’s largest investment advisory and management firms – email is mission critical for responding quickly to customers and welding together 17 branch offices around the country into a single national team. Spam had become a significant issue for the firm.

Dave Summerhays, Service Delivery Manager at Craigs Investment Partners, says spam had reached a critical point where internal systems were becoming overloaded, and staff productivity was being sapped - not just in deleting spam at the user level, but also with regard to stretching internal IT support resources struggling to keep email systems operational.

Based on the evaluation of several options, including dedicated appliances, Summerhays concluded that the SMX Email Security services offered the most efficient and cost effective solution to Craigs Investment Partners spam problem.

This decision was quickly proved during a 14-day free trial of the SMX service.

"From day one it was obvious that this was not a service we would be turning off in a hurry," Summerhays says.

"The transition was painless. Within a week the pressure on staff and our internal systems had lifted."

He has also been impressed with the addition of new features such as customer managed policy management tools, which allow customers to implement their own white and blacklists.

"Craigs Investment Partners is more than happy with the service provided by SMX," says Summerhays.

"We are pleased to recommend this service to any company that feels their internal IT staff may have better things to do than chasing spam."

EziBuy Group

"SMX guaranteed a quick, easy solution that would meet my expectations and make spam disappear – and they delivered. They also implemented measures resulting in greater efficiencies and better user experience for us."
Hamish Grant, CIO, EziBuy Group