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More bandwidth for Atlantic Pacific American Express

Atlantic Pacific American Express

With 140 travel consultants communicating daily with travel customers and suppliers, email is critical to the smooth business functioning of Atlantic Pacific American Express

Andrew Barnard, GM Technology says the key driver behind the decision to use SMX was to protect against viruses bringing down the network and paralysing the business.

“But now that we have peace of mind regarding security, we are appreciating the many other advantages of the SMX service,” Barnard says.

“Previously 75% of our email was spam. “We’ve found a massive reduction in the amount of email being received by the APX mail server; all our users have experienced a drop in the volume of mail reaching their inbox,” Barnard says.

“Not having to deal with all that spam has really freed up user productivity. We’re now maximising every last bit of bandwidth, and IT staff have been freed up from the hassle of administering internally deployed mail monitoring software.

“We’re delighted. On two occasions SMX has alerted APX to mail server outages which we were quickly able to rectify. SMX automatically queues our mail in such situations which gives an extra level of comfort,” Barnard says.

“The decision to use SMX, from our perspective, is an absolute no brainer.”

Fisher and Paykel Finance

“Using SMX’s SmartRules® DLP we’ve been able to put sophisticated rules in place so that users have different capabilities and limits appropriate to their role. This gives us the optimum balance of control, oversight and confidentiality.”
Malcolm Jenkins, Information Systems Manager, Fisher and Paykel Finance