Here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with SMX. Just take a read, or search for businesses working in a similar industry to you.


"Harcourts is delighted with the SMX service. The transition to SMX was seamless. We were up and running in about half an hour and users were unaware of the change. The support staff have been fantastic and my whole experience with SMX has been extremely positive."
Jason Wills, CIO, Harcourts International Limited

New Zealand Automobile Association

"We’ve gone from receiving over 100,000 spam messages per hour down to zero."
Doug Wilson, CIO, New Zealand Automobile Association

Atlantic Pacific American Express

"Not having to deal with all that spam has really freed up user productivity. We’re now maximising every last bit of bandwidth, and IT staff have been freed up from the hassle of administering internally deployed mail monitoring software."
Andrew Barnard, GM Technology, Atlantic Pacific American Express

EziBuy Group

"SMX guaranteed a quick, easy solution that would meet my expectations and make spam disappear – and they delivered. They also implemented measures resulting in greater efficiencies and better user experience for us."
Hamish Grant, CIO, EziBuy Group