Technology Partners

The technology platform for the market-leading SMX Cloud Email Security Suite is built around global best-of-breed hardware and software, combined with market leading in-house application design.

Message Systems Momentum® (MTA)

Momentum is the core messaging platform, serving as a controlling gateway, intelligent router and advanced Message Transfer Agent (MTA). Momentum® is the fastest, most flexible MTA on the market and is the engine driving many of the world's largest, most complex email messaging operations.

Momentum is the same MTA used by both Facebook™ and SalesForce™

Cloudmark Authority™

Cloudmark Authority™ provides the fastest and most accurate messaging security in the industry for mobile operators, ISPs and social networks. The enterprise-grade software solution blocks spam, phishing and virus carrying messages with greater accuracy and near zero false positives.

Cloudmark Authority™ achieves this through a unique combination of proprietary technologies, including Advanced Message Fingerprinting algorithms and real-time threat reporting from the Cloudmark Global Threat Network, consisting of trusted users located in 165 countries around the globe. Cloudmark technology supports approximately 1 billion email subscribers worldwide.

Symantec Brightmail™

Brightmail™ Gateway offers unparalleled antivirus protection as demonstrated in over 40 consecutive Virus Bulletin VB100 effectiveness ratings. Brightmail™ technology includes zero-day antivirus detection, protecting against new and emerging threats even before definitions become available and before they cause disruptions.

By reducing spam volume and keeping email secure, Brightmail Gateway protects messaging infrastructure and helps ensure business uptime and user productivity. Symantec protects more than 800 million mailboxes worldwide from viruses and spam.