Please follow the instructions below for using 7-Zip to submit an email rejected as a virus to the SMX Support Desk for review, once you have saved the whole email, including attachments, to a folder on your computer.

To use 7-Zip, go to the 7-Zip website to download the software.

If you're unsure about the PC version (32 or 64-bit), choose the 32-bit version. Once you have the correct version for yourself, just follow these instructions:

1. Install 7-Zip​.

2. With the 'file/files/folder' highlighted, right-click on one item and from the sub menu select: '7-Zip Add to archive'Important: If you are sending the file to another person, who may not have 7-Zip installed, change the 'Archive format' option from the default '7z' to 'Zip'.

6 rejected7zip 600

3. Choose the archive format 'Zip'.

7 rejected7zip 600

4. Under the heading 'Encryption' enter a password in the first field, and re-enter the same password into the second password field. Ensure you do not forget the password you entered as you will be prevented from opening files inside the archive in the future.

8 rejected7zip 600

5. Leave the 'Encryption method' as ZipCrypto to maximize compatibility with other compression programs.

9 rejected7zip 600

6. Click OK to create the compressed archive.​