SMX Subscriber Management: A cloud email provisioning and management solution

Now live at Spark – New Zealand’s largest Telco – SMX Subscriber Management portal has integrated a leading third-party messaging platform to provide a commercial off-the-shelf ('COTS') solution which brings enterprise-grade cloud email hosting and security to more than 10,000 small businesses of up to 30 seats.

Plugging seamlessly into partner solutions, SMX gives ISPs, Telcos, and xSPs the solution they need to rapidly deploy and manage a fully-featured hosted messaging service to their end customers.

The portal uses the Software as a Service (SaaS) model to handle all the key requirements of subscriber management including provisioning, billing, self-service and sophisticated reporting. 

SMX3 integrates all stages of the fulfilment, assure, and billing processes with a leading third-party messaging platform. 

This tight integration minimizes costly bespoke development for each ISP, Telco and xSPs implementation.

SMX3’s mass migration tools and out-of-the box integration enable rapid and low-risk implementation by the enterprise, and rapid deployment of a fully-featured hosted messaging service to end customers.

SMX3’s federated model allows subscribers, domain owners and customers to self- provision and self-service, reducing support costs to the enterprise.

Finally, SMX3 provides a 360 degree reporting view of the entire platform, with the ability to drill down into the customers, domains and subscribers, integrating the messaging platform with SMX data objects.

SMX portal key features

  • Subscriber management. Full integration across all stages of the fulfilment, assure and billing processes.
  • Integrated provisioning and billing. A closed loop which ensures each subscriber provisioned is correctly billed.
  • Reporting and analytics. Powerful, easy to use tools to monitor and manage system and user performance and usage.
  • Federated self- service model. Self-provisioning and self-service for subscribers, domain owners and customers.
  • Distributor/ reseller functionality. Portal for managing services to distributors or resellers.

SMX portal key benefits

Lower deployment risk and cost

Tight integration with the third-party messaging platform and a highly flexible software architecture lowers the risk, time and costs for ISPs, Telcos and xSPs to deploy a fully-featured hosted messaging service to their end customers. Bespoke software development required for integration, reporting and additional functionality is minimised and tightly controlled.

Lower management costs and TCO

The SaaS subscription model, automated provisioning and billing, ease of new application integration, rich reporting, responsive support, and portal-based reseller/distributor online tools and processes  – all these features contribute to low ongoing management costs and low overall Total Cost of Ownership. 

Higher customer satisfaction

Ease of self-provisioning and self-service, combined with user friendly design and excellent functionality all combine to deliver outstanding satisfaction among subscribers, domain owners and customers. 

Greater speed and ease to launch new applications

The portal is designed from the ground up as a cloud application delivery platform. A robust and open cloud architecture is supported by a highly skilled and experienced development team able to respond quickly to design and implement cost-effective system enhancements. 

High quality, responsive support

The SMX support and development teams work together in real time to maintain the highest quality of proactive support.