Need a solution that works hard for your business? SMX provides a next generation email and security platform, giving you unrivalled reliability, user-friendliness and powerful features to make email management more secure, efficient, and scalable.


Secure, scalable and reliable cloud-based archiving service on Azure, as well as seamless legacy archive migration.

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Customised analysis that can pinpoint and provide powerful reports in minutes, on threats, business intelligence, and compliance.

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Simple and secure data management and migration, taking care of users, rules and data in one place.

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Sophisticated commercial security programs, which we layer to provide the most solid threat protection.

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Our Platform Technologies

SMX products are fuelled by three underlying technology platforms: SMX3 – our cloud enablement platform – SmartStore email archiving, and our Content Analyser:

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Our cloud enablement platform, helping business get into the cloud more efficiently.


The intelligence behind our email archiving application, which you can add to your cloud email security package.

Content Analyser

Ensuring both the content of your email and any attachments are clean and secure.