24 November 2015 - by Thom Hooker

SMX cloud email security service selected for TaaS panel - what this means

SMX CTO and co-founder, Thom HookerWith the recent Ministerial announcement that SMX has been appointed as one of 12 suppliers to the TaaS (Telecommunications as a Service) panel, SMX is now able to provide our cloud email security services to New Zealand Government customers quicker and easier than ever before.

The TaaS procurement process had some clear goals with a cloud-first, device-centric view of the direction they would like to see suppliers take when deploying IT for NZ Government agencies. Central to this approach is a strategy embracing inter-operability and 'as a service' delivery, ensuring agencies aren't locked into proprietary technologies and long-term supplier contracts. Agencies considering trialling SMX's cloud email security suite can be confident that SMX's services meet the TaaS goals and these services can be easily procured through TaaS.

This model also keeps TaaS suppliers honest by requiring us to provide clear and simple processes for on-boarding and off-boarding of customer data. This should create a competitive environment that ensures NZ Government agencies are able to easily consume market-leading best-of-breed solutions.

Additionally, SMX's services can be consumed by NZ Government agencies either directly over the Internet or via the virtual common Government network (GNet), meaning agencies can start getting the benefits of SMX's cloud email security services without changing their current infrastructure, or while transitioning to new infrastructure.
Finally, because we deploy the same architecture for all customers, this announcement provides further validation that SMX's cloud email security services are truly market leading – for both Government and private sector organisations.