SMX SmartRules® for Data Loss Prevention and Content Control

Protect sensitive data from insider theft, data leakage and accidental distribution via email.

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Inappropriate distribution of sensitive data is a growing and persistent problem for businesses. As the traditional office environment gives way to growing technology use, companies are increasingly exposed to intentional data leaks and accidental distribution of information, particularly via email.

The SMX solution, SmartRules®, is designed specifically for securing sensitive information and enforcing workplace email policy usage compliance.

SmartRules® allows organizations to define flexible policy rules to track and report on employees attempting to email sensitive documents or emails containing inappropriate content. Emails matching the pre-set rule criteria may then be tracked, blocked, copied, appended, redirected or forwarded to management or compliance officers.

Most importantly, SmartRules® performs attachment content scanning to check attached files for trigger words and pre-defined patterns including: patient healthcare numbers, bank account details, PAN and credit card numbers, personally identifiable information (PII), social security numbers and more.

SmartRules® is a highly scalable cloud-based solution. Email policy can be deployed in minutes to monitor the email traffic of the smallest businesses to the largest corporations, protecting your organization, employees and brand.

SmartRules® fills the holes in standard email security, helping business achieve industry and regulatory data management compliance.

With SMX SmartRules®:

  • Protect corporate, financial and healthcare data from inappropriate distribution.
  • Provide privacy breach protection.
  • Enforce email policy compliance.
  • Detect explicit language.
  • Track, block, append, redirect and copy mail.
  • Implement policy changes immediately.
  • Restrict outgoing files types e.g. spreadsheets.
  • Scan attachments for trigger words, bank account details, patient healthcare numbers etc.
  • Detect XXX adult or sexually explicit images (optional).

Common Applications:

  • Personal financial services data protection e.g. PCI DSS compliance for credit card encryption.
  • Healthcare patient privacy, e.g, NHI numbers, confidential diagnosis details.
  • Corporate intellectual property.
  • Company brand management.
  • Public service agency confidential data.
  • HR policy monitoring & compliance.
  • Protection of embargo relating to distribution of public-listed company information.