SMX Email Filtering: Inbound/Outbound

SMX Email Filtering provides inbound and outbound scanning of both message body and attachments, so you can can protect your  network from email-borne threats. SMX guarantees 99.999% clean email delivered. Key benefits include: Industry-leading accuracy; speed to implement; disaster resilience and overall value; and highly responsive local service and support.

SMX Email Filtering:

  • Spam, phishing, virus and malware threat protection
  • In-country email processing
  • Inbound/Outbound black and whitelists for email policy management
  • Domain forgery support
  • IP blacklisting mail server protection
  • Easy-to-use web portal
  • Statistics reporting
  • Emails up to 100MB
  • Unlimited support (business hours).

Inbound & Outbound Email Security

  • SMX Cloud Email Security Email Filtering provides an anti-abuse solution for customer email, offering unrivalled protection from spam, phishing attacks and virus removal.
  • Over 65 different filtering technologies are applied during the processing of email, including Real-time Blacklists (RBLs), strict RFC enforcement, rate limiting and dual-engine spam and virus filtering.
  • Only clean email is delivered into our customers mailboxes, optimizing bandwidth and freeing up IT resources.
  • SMX uniquely integrates world-leading anti-virus and anti-spam engines, Sophos and Cloudmark™ Authority. Combined, these vendors provide SMX with the largest real-time intelligence network of any email security provider globally.

Business Benefits

Flat Pricing

All SMX services are priced per-mailbox per-month. No setup costs whatsoever.

Fast and Simple

Switching to SMX is fast and simple. Just one phone call and within a matter of minutes your cloud email security solution is up and running.

No CAPEX Investment

No investment in server hardware or email infrastructure. Imagine never having to upgrade, patch or maintain an email solution ever again!

No Training Required

No migration or training is required as customers continue using their existing email client, or alternatively take advantage of our feature-rich unified webmail client.

Mobile Connectivity

Access email, calendar events and contacts from smartphones.

Virus-Free Network

With email-borne viruses stopped before they reach your border, the chance of your network being infected is significantly reduced.

Web Portal Auditing & Reporting

The easy-to-use customer web portal provides statistical reports on email traffic, mail searching and black and whitelisting for email policy management and enforcement. Changes made in the SMX portal are enabled in real-time and are live.

Increased End User Productivity

With no spam clogging up your mailboxes SMX increases the productivity of the entire organization.

In-Country Filtering

SMX only deploys mail filtering services ‘in country’ ensuring customer data is never exposed to foreign jurisdiction. Data sovereignty is guaranteed.

Reduced Bandwidth Costs

By cleaning spam and virus traffic before it hits your border, customers see an immediate reduction in bandwidth usage.

Allow Emails up to 100MB

SMX allows customers to send emails up to 100MB in size.

Local Service and Support

Silver Support (NZ business hours, 8am-7pm Mon-Fri) comes as a standard offering with our solution. Gold Support (24x7x365) is also available for a nominal fee.