8 March 2012

SMX Cloud platform as a service rollout at RSA San Francisco

SMX has launched SMX Cloud - a major evolution of its proven inbound and outbound email filtering 'security as a service' offering — at the RSA information security conference in San Francisco, supported by a quirky Youtube video campaign.

SMX co-founder and CEO, Jesse Ball, says a series of video clips now up on Youtube take an offbeat and humorous approach to illustrate the 'Cloud not Smoke' point of difference that SMX is highlighting with its new SMX Cloud platform. The Youtube clips and SMX Cloud information can be viewed at smxcloud.com.

"We think the market has had enough of vendors making cloud product and service claims that are more smoke than delivery," Ball says. Gartner Group is saying that cloud computing is now entering the "trough of disillusionment" on its hype cycle. Customers want proven products and services that address the practical business, operational and regulatory issues associated with the implementation of Cloud Computing in order to truly maximize its potential benefits.

"Our Youtube clips poke a bit of fun while drawing attention to SMX Cloud which is here now, and which can immediately enable service providers, telecom operators and large enterprises to deliver a wide array of applications and services from the cloud — faster and at less cost," Jesse Ball says.

SMX Cloud has three key unique selling points, Ball says. Number one, The SMX Cloud Java application framework and API are designed to enable fast and easy integration of virtually any existing enterprise application and serve them up via the cloud model. Moving applications to the cloud — fast — is a huge unmet need.

Number two, SMX Cloud provides a turn-key service platform that supports real time provisioning, streamlined billing and invoicing, real time reporting, white labeling, multiple languages and remote management.

Number three, SMX Cloud enables cloud providers to deploy locally, on local infrastructure. This, Ball says, is important for email security applications, but is also important for any application which requires major bandwidth.

"To our knowledge SMX Cloud is unique in the market," Ball says. "We have, in effect, evolved our SMX anti-spam and anti-virus service to become a 'platform as a service' by leveraging the open architecture of the SMX platform to maximize our ability to integrate other applications and services."