SMX Cloud Email Security

SMX Cloud Email Security provides a cloud-based, fully-hosted, enterprise-grade email gateway with mail filtering, content control, data loss prevention (DLP) and archive.

All products and services are delivered in the cloud and managed through a single dashboard. As a cloud-based service, SMX has a lower total cost of ownership than traditional on-premise appliances. All costs are included in a highly competitive per-month, per-user charge.

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Key benefits include:

  • Companies eliminate the burden of owning and maintaining complex hardware and/or software themselves
  • A fully-managed and enterprise-grade email service offering 99.999% availability
  • Total security with 99.999% protection from spam and 100% known virus removal
  • No set-up costs whatsoever — All SMX services are priced per-mailbox per-month
  • Full support for all SMX customers during business hours included, and option for extended support if required.


SMX Cloud Email Security Base Service Overview

SMX Cloud Email Security is optimized for enterprise and government users. The base service includes:​

SMX inbound and outbound email filtering

SMX Email Filtering — Inbound & Outbound: SMX Email Filtering provides inbound and outbound scanning of both message body and attachments, so you can protect your network from email-borne threats. SMX guarantees 99.999% clean email delivered. Key benefits include: Industry-leading accuracy; speed to implement; disaster resilience and overall value; and highly responsive local service and support.

  • Protect your network from email-borne threats — including spam, phishing, viruses and malware.
  • Industry-leading accuracy, speed to implement, disaster resilience and overall value.
  • In-country email processing.
  • Inbound/Outbound black and whitelists for email policy management.
  • Domain forgery support.
  • IP blacklisting mail server protection.
  • Easy-to-use web portal.
  • Statistics reporting.
  • Emails up to 100MB.
  • Highly responsive local service and support, unlimited during business hours (see below).

Find out more about Inbound and Outbound email filtering

Silver Customer Support: Silver Customer Support provides FREE helpdesk support during NZ business hours (8am-7pm). And SMX customers will always speak with a real person on the other side of the line.



SMX Cloud Email Security Optional Add-ons

​The SMX Cloud Email Security base service can be enhanced and extended with the following optional products and services:


Optional Add-ons

SmartRules®: Highly sophisticated content control and data loss prevention (DLP) and content control.

  • Full oversight and control of inbound and outbound mail.
  • Simple drag-and-drop rule builder.
  • Protect sensitive data leaking out with outbound protection and pre-defined algorithms.

Find out more about SmartRules®

SMX Triple-X Image Analyzer

Triple-X Image Analyzer: SMX's adult image detection service, Triple-X Image Analyzer, detects adult images in emails in real-time, protecting your staff from inadvertently receiving or sending adult content.

  • Protect company brand and reputation.
  • Enforce acceptable use policies.
  • Legal liability and policy development.
  • Monitor and report on email activity.

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SMX Business Continuity
Business Continuity: Business continuity and disaster recovery options protect valuable business communications during unplanned mail server and ISP outages.
  • Choose between this and 25 GB Hosted Mailbox
  • Filtering AND SmartRules® required
  • Can be for selected users.

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Email Archiving: SMX's state-of-the-art Cloud Email Archive solution offers encrypted email archiving for every email in, out, and within an organization.

  • Lower TCO - No hardware or software to buy or manage.
  • Fast and simple message search and retrieval.
  • Secure encrypted message storage.

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SMX Bulk Outbound Mail Relay

Bulk Outbound Mail Relay: Safeguard your company's outgoing email, avoid IP blacklisting, and protect your brand. SMX's Bulk Outbound Mail Relay service manages your bulk email distribution for you, ensuring IP blacklisting never happens to your company.

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ActiveSMX AD / LDAP (Syncing): ActiveSMX allows customers to integrate MS Active Directory information with SMX services to deploy email policies based on the roles and groups within their organization.

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Gold Customer Support: For customers requiring support that extends beyond the standard Silver Customer Support during business hours, Gold Support offers 24/7/365 helpdesk support.