Use the form below to calculate the true cost of spam to your business.

Spam Calculator Parameters


Cost Summary


Productivity Cost (to delete spam)

5 seconds 7.1 hours/year
17.7 days/year $133.07

Storage Cost

$0.90 16KB
$73.58 $1,471.68

Productivity Cost (to reply to spam)

5 minutes 1%
10.65 days/year $1,596.88

Total Cost Of Spam

$2,661.46 $1,471.68
$1,596.88 $5,730.01

This spam calculator does not take in to account the cost of employees wasting time reading spam messages and then going to a website link found in the spam email.

Whilst it is almost impossible to calculate this cost, it is widely acknowledged that employees waste many hours per year looking at non work related website content. By almost eliminating all incoming spam (99.999% accuracy for cleaning spam) with the SMX service, you significantly reduce the opportunity for your employees to be distracted and view unsolicited email and then web content.

There is also a significant cost to your business if an employee clicks on a link in a spam email and then gets a virus or malware downloaded from the website.

There have been many well documented cases of employees downloading malware and bringing down a whole company network when the virus spreads quickly throughout the organization. The cost of this type of system outage can run into many thousands of dollars.

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