What do you need? Explore our world-class email security offering, cloud applications or our custom managed messaging platform.
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Email Security

Ensure every email sent and received within your business is free of spam, viruses and malware with our cloud email security service – the market leader in New Zealand.

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  • Lower Cost: Because our email security is based in the cloud, we can pass on lower costs to our clients. These costs are all-inclusive in a single per-month, per-user charge.
  • 24/7 Support: Our technical support team, based in New Zealand, is there to help you with any issues 24/7.
  • Easy Dashboard Management: All the SMX products and services you choose are managed through a single dashboard. You’re always in control.
  • A Trusted Brand: We’re the leading cloud email security providers in New Zealand – trusted by some of New Zealand’s biggest brands, like Spark.
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Managed Messaging Solutions

Building on the capability of our market-leading cloud email security is our tightly integrated managed messaging platform.

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  • Full suite: email security, management and archiving features for customers
  • Collaboration: Customers can access collaboration tools such as scheduling, global address book and mobile device integration
  • Billing: Provides simple billing options.
  • Uses sophisticated reporting: with the ability to drill down into customer, domain and subscriber.
  • Integration: Integrates a host of partner messaging applications
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Cloud Applications

When you “plug in” one or more SMX applications to your core email security, we can do even more with your inbound and outbound email – like archiving, or applying smart filters.

Email Archiving
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Our Platform Technologies

SMX products are fuelled by three underlying technology platforms: SMX3 – our cloud enablement platform – SmartStore email archiving, and our Content Analyser:

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Our cloud enablement platform, helping business get into the cloud more efficiently.


The intelligence behind our email archiving application, which you can add to your cloud email security package.

Content Analyser

Ensuring both the content of your email and any attachments are clean and secure.