Smooth move to the cloud for email archiving at McVeagh Fleming

Auckland law firm McVeagh Fleming has gone live with the new SMX Cloud Email Archive solution – switching seamlessly from a cumbersome and costly in-house email archiving legacy system to the state-of-the-art SMX cloud solution that combines much higher functionality with lower cost of ownership.

McVeagh Fleming systems manager Deborah Otway says the move to the new SMX Cloud Email Archive service, handled by McVeagh Fleming's long-time IT services supplier – Kinetics – has solved issues with the existing legacy system while delivering industry-leading security for all customer information inbound or outbound via McVeagh Fleming's email network.

She says the legacy archiving system was an onsite solution which required ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs, and required a standalone virtual server. Like all servers this required licencing, hardware resources, patching and backing up. These overheads were then in turn aggravated whenever something failed equalling downtime and money. Basically, Deborah says, it was costly, time-consuming, and could not be easily upgraded.

McVeagh Fleming, with 84 seats and around 44 fee earners at two offices in Auckland is a busy, growing mid-sized law firm with clients ranging in size from large corporates to smaller businesses and private clients. Virtually every document handled by the firm exists in digital form. The challenge, Deborah says, is to protect confidential client information while leveraging the speed, ease and cost advantages of email. Security and integrity of the email document flow is critical to the business.

"Changing the archiving solution was not a trivial decision," she says. "Working with Kinetics, we considered various options. SMX was already handling inbound and outbound email filtering, so when they offered a free trial of their new archiving service we looked at it seriously. On paper it looked good. As a cloud service there is no onsite server required and no onsite software to buy and manage. We decided to go ahead with the trial, especially since Kinetics has a long history with SMX and accordingly were confident in SMX's ability to deliver."

"We have now been live for 12 months and we are very happy – not just with the cost and time savings and the overall features and functionality of the service – but with the service and support from SMX. When we need assistance, we can call SMX and speak to an expert and the question or issue is taken care of. We do not waste time waiting in a service desk queue, nor do we fill in cumbersome job tickets. It is also great to be supported by a New Zealand owned and operated company," Deborah says.

Kinetics' onsite engineer at McVeagh Fleming, Matt Anstis, says the SMX Cloud Email Archive implementation was 'virtually invisible' to operations at McVeagh Fleming.

"From our end, it was completely painless. SMX handled the switchover and immediately took over all of the backup and administration, with easy online self-service tools to recover lost documents. Compared to all the hassles and costs of running archiving on an in-house server, the SMX cloud solution is a real quantum leap forward. Previously we would have to stand up a whole server just to recover one lost email. SMX has significantly reduced the time and cost of managing archiving and backs that up with really good local service," Matt says.

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