SMX keeps Mainfreight moving

Communication is key to Mainfreight’s position as the leading transportation, logistics and International freight company in Australasia – and a spam-clogged mail system was slowing Mainfreight down.

Mainfreight's Infrastructure Manager, David Hall, says Mainfreight faced the same problem as many other large businesses. Although they had a system in place internally to deal with spam, large amounts of unwanted mail coming down their Internet link was still using up expensive bandwidth and clogging their mail servers.

“Moving to the SMX service was the best thing we ever did with our mail,” says Hall.

“We’ve noticed a major difference in the performance of the network now that the spam is being cleaned before it hits our servers. And for the team it’s one less thing that we have to worry about managing.”

Dealing with spam was taking up about a day a week for the Mainfreight IT team. With the SMX service, that load has reduced dramatically to about a day a month tweaking the policy management tools on the SMX portal.

“Our CEO was impressed when he saw just how much spam was being blocked by SMX”, says Hall. “We’ve had such a positive experience with SMX that I’ve recommended SMX to other companies – and will continue to do so.”

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