Cloud-based email security: Answering a call for help from Lifeline Aotearoa

SMX delivered cloud-based email security solution for Lifeline Aotearoa that helped relieve staff of the daily frustration of dealing with junk email that clogged the email server, and freed them up to focus their time on more valuable counselling work.

Like most organisations, Lifeline Aotearoa is connected to the net and exchanging email is essential to the smooth running of the organisation.

Bryan Wilshire, CEO of Lifeline Aotearoa, says staff suffered daily frustration dealing with the junk that clogged their email server and tied up valuable human resource sorting out the rubbish from the real.

"It was worse if you had the temerity to go on leave for a few days, returning to a deluge of garbage in your in inbox or worse still, to find the email server had overloaded and crashed out," Wilshire says.

LifeLine Aotearoa first encountered SMX at a Chamber of Commerce Table Top expo, thought the idea was good, signed up for a trial and SMX did the rest.

"Now we no longer wade through the rubbish and receive only the emails we want. We are most appreciative of the service, which we rate as essential, and would never do without," says Wilshire.

"We experienced no hiccups at all in setting up the SMX service and have gone out of our way to share our very positive experience with many other organisations we work with."

Lifeline Aotearoa, a long standing registered charity, is predominantly a telephone based counselling service - believed to be the first in-bound call centre in New Zealand.

LifeLine Aotearoa operates a 24/7 counselling and crisis line, along with other help lines, The National Depression campaign, The Like Minds campaign, the LowDown Youth Depression service, face to face services, LivingWorks suicide intervention and prevention workshops, texting, email, web and phone services.

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