SMX Cloud Email Security: Optional Add-ons

SMX Cloud Email Security provides email hosting, spam and virus filtering, IP blacklisting protection, and SmartRules® for content control and data loss prevention, to protect sensitive data from intentional and unintentional distribution via email and enforce email policy compliance.

​The following optional add-ons are available to extend the functionality of SMX Cloud Email Security:

SmartRules®: Highly sophisticated content control and data loss prevention (DLP) and content control.

  • Full oversight and control of inbound and outbound mail.
  • Simple drag-and-drop rule builder.
  • Protect sensitive data leaking out with outbound protection and pre-defined algorithms.

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SMX Triple-X Image Analyzer

Triple-X Image Analyzer: SMX's adult image detection service, Triple-X Image Analyzer, detects adult images in emails in real-time, protecting your staff from inadvertently receiving or sending adult content.

  • Protect company brand and reputation.
  • Enforce acceptable use policies.
  • Legal liability and policy development.
  • Monitor and report on email activity.

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SMX Business Continuity
Business Continuity: Business continuity and disaster recovery options protect valuable business communications during unplanned mail server and ISP outages.
  • Choose between this and 25 GB Hosted Mailbox
  • Filtering AND SmartRules® required
  • Can be for selected users.

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Email Archiving: SMX's state-of-the-art Cloud Email Archive solution offers encrypted email archiving for every email in, out, and within an organization.

  • Lower TCO - No hardware or software to buy or manage.
  • Fast and simple message search and retrieval.
  • Secure encrypted message storage.

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SMX Bulk Outbound

SMX Bulk Outbound Mail Relay: Sending bulk emails to several thousand recipients could place your company at risk of being mistaken as a source of spam and could lead to your mail server's IP address being blacklisted.  SMX Bulk Outbound Mail Relay safeguards your company from IP blacklisting.

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ActiveSMX AD / LDAP (Syncing): ActiveSMX allows you to integrate your organization's MS Active Directory information with SMX services to deploy email policies based on the roles and groups within your organization.

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Gold Customer Support: For customers requiring support that extends beyond the standard Silver Customer Support during business hours, Gold Support offers 24/7/365 helpdesk support.